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New Features of IBM wIntegrate


wIntegrate 98 connects host applications to corporate Intranets and the worldwide web.

wIntegrate and Web Browsers

wIntegrate sessions can now be executed inside Internet Explorer as an ActiveX Document Server. wIntegrate can also be launched as a separate application from any web browser.

Import Host Data to HTML

Users can import host data and create files in HTML format for corporate Intranets. Used with the Batch Reporting facility this can automatically update files on the Intranet at pre-determined times.

Copy from screen to HTML and email

wIntegrate 98 gives users the ability to copy data from the host screen to HTML-format tables and MAPI-compatible email messages - with only three mouse clicks. When the data is displayed as a columnar table wIntegrate will automatically apply the appropriate HTML formatting codes to create an HTML table.

As with all other wIntegrate functions the HTML and email functionality is enabled through scripting, and can therefore be driven from a host Basic program.

HyperLinks from Host Screen

Using wIntegrate 98's existing "hot spot" capabilities, users can now define text on a host application screen as HyperLinks that when clicked, may invoke a Web page, a Windows application document, Email, or another Host Application.

Coming soon - true thin client support

In an upcoming release it will be possible to execute wIntegrate on an NT server with the screen and keyboard interface running in any Java-enabled environment. All wIntegrate functionality, including terminal emulation, the chiseled effects, and dialog boxes will be supported by automatically downloading a small Java application to the client at runtime.

This technique overcomes today's main objections to applications written purely in Java. There is no performance degradation as only a small piece of Java is downloaded and the application is still executing as Windows code.

The Java environment might be a PC, NC or any Java-enabled desktop device. As wIntegrate is still executed in a Windows environment, the user interface of the host-based application is consistent with the traditional Windows usage.

This represents a dramatic breakthrough for users who want to mix-and-match traditional Windows with Java-based users without code changes, perhaps during an incremental migration to thin clients.

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CD-ROM distribution

wIntegrate 98 is supplied on CD-ROM along with the 16-bit wIntegrate 3.0. The menu-driven CD contains every available manual, document and presentation. The CD also includes ScreenCam demos and a 30-day evaluation license option for both versions.

Session Wizard Simplifies Starting a Session

The wIntegrate 98 Session Wizard assists with setup and configuration of sessions, and with establishing a connection. This wizard is a script, which can be adapted by developers to create custom wizards.

Updated interface

wIntegrate 98 uses a standard interface which is familiar to users of 32-bit applications. Multiple toolbars can be made visible and positioned by dragging. Tooltips provide quick help for icons.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Interface for Sending and Receiving Files

wIntegrate 98 provides a graphical dialog for transferring files via FTP. This dialog is a script, which can be customized by developers. Because FTP is implemented in scripting it can be embedded in host Basic programs.

Advanced Dialer Support

The Dialer has been improved to enable storing large quantities of telephone numbers. The list of numbers uses a new grid control, and can therefore be sorted by any column. As a script, capable users can customize the Dialer dialog.

Enhanced Help System and On-line Manuals

An advanced Help system makes wIntegrate 98 even easier to use. wIntegrate 98 now supports "bubble help" for toolbar icons. Developers can create their own bubble help for custom toolbars using the script language.

Three manuals are also available on-line - Using wIntegrate, the Scripting Reference, and the Host Subroutine Reference.

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ActiveX Support - wIntegrate Screen Control in Visual Basic and browsers

The wIntegrate 98 host session/screen is an ActiveX component, which can be embedded as a component in other applications such as Visual Basic and Delphi. In Internet Explorer an HTML page can incorporate the host screen.

size="2">wIntegrate 98's scripting facilities, including functions such as file transfer and the Query Builder, are available as part of this Session ActiveX control. This allows developers to execute wIntegrate scripts and read/write host data from any application, which supports ActiveX components.

ActiveX Support - wIntegrate Communications Control

Communications are implemented as ActiveX components so developers can create their own communications component as required.

ActiveX Document Server support

ActiveX Document Server support allows the entire wIntegrate application (screen, menus and toolbars) to be used in a container application, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

ActiveX Support - Calling ActiveX Controls from the Scripting Language

wIntegrate 98's scripting language provides the ability to use ActiveX components. This allows, for example, wIntegrate developers to incorporate feature-rich third-party controls into their applications.

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The Editor

The wIntegrate Editor is a separate application with syntax coloring for host Basic programs, wIntegrate scripts and wIntegrate emulation files.

It communicates with a wIntegrate session to download and upload Basic programs from the host. With a single click in the editor these can be transferred back to the host and compiled with compiler messages displayed in the Editor dialog.

New dialog box and GUI components

Scripted dialogs now support many new controls, including CommandBars (draggable toolbars), animation control, grids, list view, tree view, tab dialog control, trackbar (coming soon), progress bar, up/down spin control.

The grid control is highly configurable and supports pop-up help and time/date/calendar controls.

The Dialog Designer has been updated to match the new capabilities.

HTML format files, email, Wizards and FTP

See the section "New Features for Users" for details of these new features which can be controlled by scripts and host Basic programs.

Active X Support

See the section "ActiveX Support" for all new ActiveX controls.

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