System Options

Not every manufacturer does business the same way.  One of the most powerful capabilites of the PRO:MAN software is its ability to accommodate differences in system demand and business practices.  To this end, several PRO:MAN system options are available.

Engineering Change Control - ECN

PRO:MAN’s Engineering Change Control is used by manufacturing companies that require detailed tracking of change orders and bill-of-material effectivity structure changes.

Lead Tracking - LEAD

PRO:MAN’s Leads management option puts you in control of sales leads.   Simplify lead entry, follow-up, media results tracking, and conversion from lead to customer.

Lot/Serial Number Control - LOT

PRO:MAN’s Lot Tracking option tracks parts by lot number from the time a part is received, through Stores and multiple levels of work orders, until the final assembly is shipped.

Project Accounting - PJA

PRO:MAN’s Project Accounting Option is used create and track special projects and the budgets and costs associated with them.

Radio Frequency Bar Coding - RFBar

PRO:MAN’s Radio Frequency Bar Coding Option is available to manufacturers with special inventory needs such as large warehouses, high volume parts picking environments, or other special material handling needs.

Return Material Authorization - RMA

PRO:MAN’s RMA option supports the processing of returns of product from customers, for repair and return, or exchange of all or part of the product.  The module allows for data to be entered and managed separately from standard outbound or return sales orders.

Statistical Processing Control - SPC

PRO:MAN's SPC consists of three major components:

  1. Defining the process
  2. Proving the process is capable
  3. Periodically checking and tracking specification and control limits to ensure that the process is still capable and that "good" parts are being produced

SPC Benefits

SPC Process Definition

SPC Data Collection

SPC Control and Analysis

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